The company of Elon Musk plans to connect the human brain to the computer

Neuralink Corp, owned by Elona Muska, is working on creating a connection between the brain and the PC using a micrometer-sized interface. The product will be dedicated to supporting people affected by stroke and cancer. Neuralink is about to launch the product within the next four years. The connection would be reminiscent of fantasy movies like telepathic.

Elon Musk says that technology will also be useful to people not affected by similar illnesses. But it will be faster, the sooner the necessary regulation will be pushed to market the product first for people with brain diseases.

“There are several concepts in the mind that the brain must try to transform into an incredibly low data rate, called speech or writing. If you have early brain interfaces, you can convey the resulting concept in uncompressed form in direct communication with another person, “says Elon Musk, owner of Neuralink.

The boss is going to finance all of the company’s own activities. Which operates in California in the USA. If technology really helps a person with complications after a disease, then this is a very legitimate goal.

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