Volkswagen will set up EV electric vehicle loaders in the US

Volkswagen have to pay regulators about $ 15 billion, which is caused by the flue gas. The company has signed an agreement with the authorities, which condition was a development of technology for future drives. And it was just when the company fulfilled its decision. Volkswagen, and indeed its Electrify America company, invests about $ 300 million in electric vehicle loaders.

electric vehicle loaders


The company will build about a few hundred vehicle charging stations in the most developed US regimes. Stations will be placed on the most popular motorway routes. This investment is to persuade people to become more interested in electric car technology.

Electrify America will begin construction of a charging station by the end of 2017. Completion of the investment is planned for 2019. The stations are to be equipped with state-of-the-art charging technologies that are not yet available to the general public. The full charge time of 320 kW is about 15 minutes. For Tesla cars the power is 145 kW, so the full charge would be about 10 minutes. It is now an unimaginable time, which could finally compete with the diesel engines.

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