Electronic rear view mirrors from Panasonic and Ficosa

Panasonic has announced the launch of mass production of electronic rear view mirrors for automobiles. The manufacturer of electronic mirrors will be the company Ficos from Spain, dealing with automotive parts.

In 2015, Panasonic has been interested in working with the Spanish company for automotive parts. Panasonic heads have invested considerable sums in the production of electronic mirrors to create cooperation between companies. In 2017, the cooperation reached the maximum level when Ficosa became a company directly owned by Panasonic.

electronic mirrors

The combination of the technological achievements of these two companies has resulted in the creation of a very good product. The use of electronic car mirror technology together with Panasonic cameras and LCD displays from Toyota creates a perfect product for automotive applications.

Electronic mirrors in cars have been equipped with wide-angle cameras that record much more images than traditional mirrors can do. The camera is installed directly on the rear window, thanks to this application the camera image is not disturbed by the rear seats and passengers.

Both companies strive to create the ideal product. After releasing the first production series, they will be creating more series with already eliminated predecessors.

electronic mirrors

Main features of electronic mirrors

  • Wide-angle camera for increased visibility – thanks to the wide-angle camera in the electronic mirror, the driver is able to see more areas behind the car and excludes dead spots.

  • The camera mounted on the rear window excludes image distortion. – installing the camera directly on the rear window excludes the driver’s visibility from seatings and rear passengers. This improves the concentration of the driver.

  • Very sensitive camera ensures good visibility in dark tunnels and at night – camera from Panasonic do well under heavier conditions. At night and in dark places, the camera switches to night mode, which increases its sensitivity and reduces the glare from other cars.


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